Frequently asked questions

Is Airborn safe?

At Airborn, patron and employee safety is our number one priority
For details see the safety section

How do I book?

Booking a jump session at Airborn can’t be any easier, just fill out our contact form and we’ll get it organised! Or book online here. Weekends and holidays will sell out in advance, so to avoid disappointment.

What type of pass do I purchase?

Please see our prices and ticket types page here.

When should I arrive?

For all sessions we recommend getting is at least 15minutes prior – This will give you the chance to warm up with our coaches and be given an Airborn Safety Rundown. View our opening hours here.

What is suitable apparel for trampolining?

Airborn recommend all its visitors to wear clothing with will give you stretch. Tracksuit pants, sporting skins and long sleeve shirts are recommended. Airborn grip socks are compulsory upon entry for those taking part in trampoline activities. They can be purchased at the front desk and also through our online booking system for pick up upon arrival. These socks are a one off fee for you to keep and be brought back and use for all return visits.

What is the minimum age for jumpers?

One of the best things that trampolining offers, is that anyone can do it. However, to ensure everyone is safe, we do have age and size limits designed to make sure big people don’t accidentally bump into small people.
Activities are separated by height. The exception is Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm (outside school holidays) where anyone over three years is welcome under adult supervision.

Is there a weight limit?

Based on the trampoline manufacturer’s safety standards, the weight limit for any participant at Airborn is 100kg. We recommend that anyone with weight-related concerns consult a Doctor and receive medical clearance for physical activity on an unstable surface before engaging in trampoline jumping at Airborn.

Is there a safe place to put my belongings?

Airborn offers its jumpers two types of alternatives: 1 – A paid for Locked Locker – to keep the faint hearted at ease with their valuable belongings 2 – Open cubed lockers free at charge All lockers will be under video surveillance.

Can I bring my own food?

Due to our food health & safety policy at Airborn, no self-catering is allowed. (Exclusions can be made for birthday cakes)

Is Airborn Trampolining good for me?

Absolutely! Trampoline exercise is one of the most beneficial and best forms of activity there is. See here for a list of just some benefits