Our Policy

All the trampolines at Airborn are monitored by trained staff who are there for your safety, so please  follow their instructions.

Using the trampolines are always fun and we at Airborn want all our participants and employees to enjoy it.

However, we must also keep in mind that there is some risk involved in this vigorous and physical activity and adhere to instruction put in place for our well being.

Please follow the rules and use common sense.


Sharp Objects, keys, loose items, jewellery, watches, hats etc. must be removed from pockets and person.

Avoid jumping in the same area of anyone significantly younger or less skilled than yourself.

Food, drinks, gum or candy of any kind is not allowed in the trampoline area.

Ensure that you always land all your jumps with both feet or bum.

Top section of trampoline, all padding and areas in front of the trampolines are to be avoided while jumping.

Yield to fellow jumpers at all times, no intentional colliding, rough playing, or tripping.

Foul language or profanity is not allowed.

Immediate dismissal if you double jump, double flip, wrestle or intentionally cause harm to others.

Running on the trampoline and climbing or running up the walls is strictly prohibited.

Safety Rules to be followed at all times – Airborn staff to be listened and respected at all times.

Tired? Take a break on the Sky Deck. No sitting/lying down on trampoline.

 Area Rules 

The Air Base


  • Always watch out for other jumpers – big and small.

  • Stick to what you know – don’t attempt anything beyond your skill level

  • Avoid landing on the padding – it is there as a safety precaution

  • The top of the pyramids are for Airborn staff – please do not attempt to get to them

  • No double bouncing, wrestling or rough play.

  • Safely land on your feet, bum or back when bouncing.



  • No hanging off the hoop, backboard, or support bars.

  • No crossing trampoline lanes

  • Only stick to your skill level – do not attempt anything beyond your ability

  • Only one person per lane

The Air-Bag


  • Jump into the foam pit when given the all clear by Airborn Staff.

  • Always watch out for other jumpers in the foam pit.

  • Always try to bend your knees and spread your legs when landing in the foam pit

  • All loose items must be removed from your person (phones, keys, cameras, coins etc)

  • No burying yourself or hiding in the foam pit

  • Do not throw foam blocks at other jumpers

  • Jumpers must be over 125cm 

  • Exit the foam pit as quickly and safely as possible

Elite Trampoline & The Great Wall


The Elite Area is fitted with performance trampolines, which give more height than our other trampolines.
You must take extra care on these trampolines, and they will take care of you!

  • Jumpers must be over 125cm

  • Only one person per trampoline at all times.

  • Do not jump or land on the padding

  • Always land a jump on your feet or bum

  • Try and stay within your skill level

  • Airborn staff will be monitoring to help jumpers and also advise them.



  • No more than 8 players per team

  • The referee has the final call – they will be respected.

  • You will be ejected from the game for swearing and profanity.

  • No playing rough.

  • Once you have been called out, you will exit quickly and safely until the next game is calledinto play.

  • No aiming for the head – this will result in being called out

You are out if:

  • You are hit by a “Live Thrown Ball”

  • You throw a “Live ball” and it is caught by the opposite team before it touches the floor or walls.

  • You cross or enter the neutral zone (Neutral zone – the middle padding of the court)